Country Porch House Plans for the Perfect Southern Cottage!

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Architect-Designed Country Porch House Plans at a fraction of the cost!

Country Porch House Plans - double decker porches - lots of glass - high ceilings
Build this exceptional country porch house plan or choose another distinctive house plan design from the extraordinary collection of
Southern Cottages House Plans by

Michael R. McLeod, Architect, PA
Master of Architecture -Univ. of Pennsylvania - '75
Registered Architect - NC,VA,SC - NCARB Certified
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Architect Designed Country Porch House Plans

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Southern Cottages is a house plan service offering a variety of architect designed house plans including country porch house plans with features such as double decker porches, dormers, lots of glass and high ceilings. These spirited designs provide ways for their inhabitants to catch a distant view, to peer above the treetops, to lounge on a shaded porch or otherwise find delight in everyday living. The plans are a collection of exciting home designs which blend traditional southern coastal home styling with contemporary architectural forms and open plan floor layouts.

The country porch house plan design has distinctive architectural features which makes it "something special" and sets it apart from the typical standard plan book offerings. These designs are not typical builder's plans or subdivision house plans. Some of the designs are quite complex in their structure and roofline, thereby contributing to their visual interest. On the other hand, the layouts of the floor plans are designed to be simple and straightforward. Circulation space is minimized or combined with living spaces so you are not paying for a lot of dark hallways. The proximity of rooms and service areas are designed for ease of use and convenience. Interior volumes and spatial relationships are designed to create dynamic and interesting spaces.

Southern Cottages homes are not grandiose or pretentious but are practical with an added architectural flair for a gracious informal lifestyle. The "cottage" attribute is evident in all the designs, even the largest house of over 4,400 square feet.

The designs presented range in size from 1,210 square feet to 4,409 square feet. They offer a variety of architectural styles ranging from whimsical to mainstream. All the plans were designed by the architect over a period of the past 15 years.

The Construction Drawings are detailed, professional, architectural drawings with framing plans, wall sections and construction details and specifications manual. They will save you many thousands of dollars over custom designed plans and they will save countless hours of time, money (and mistakes) by your building contractor if he were left on his own to work out all the details without the benefit of well coordinated construction plans. Additionally, with these house plans, you will be able to get a firm and accurate bid price from your builder, suitable for entering into contract, since all construction items are specified. Please visit our online store for house plans.

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